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Thread: Custom Decks face side gets blurry

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    Custom Decks face side gets blurry


    I'm trying to create custom decks but the face side gets smudged/blurry.
    What i can find on my friend Google is that it's important about the resolution and where you get the files from.

    I upload my images to Imigur.
    The original file have 3000*3500 (this is the template save file from you)

    The thing is that it work with one of my Decks, after along time of fiddiling around.

    I've change size of image and also tried to uncheck Threading and Cache in Tabletop Simulator.
    Also changed size in Imigur.

    I've also tried another image site but gets the same error.

    Can you please tell me how i should do step by step in order not to table flip my computer desk in pure frustration

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    Log into your imgur account and go to the settings.

    At the bottom of the page there's a check box for Image Quality, says "Upload images in high quality". Make sure it's checked, and then delete and re-upload your images. The newly uploaded images should be better after that box is checked.

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    Thanks TheRaven81 but this did not help.
    It was already checked in yesterday when i tried so in my anger i unchecked it to see if it works.
    It did not.

    Exactly how large should a image be?

    Seems like now all my uploaded pictures gets blurry...
    something with RAM?
    Game size?
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    I don't know what's causing it, but I've noticed this lately too. All of my custom MTG decks now look a tad blurry or grainy. I saw a post on reddit where the poster mention something similar. My decks are built from images pulled from in high quality, and only recently have they started to look like this.

    I thought it might be my imagination at first, but now that I've seen a second person in the last 24 hours mention this, it might not be.

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    sometimes when you have a high resolution image and you display it much smaller than the original source (ex. a 24"x36" poster scanned at 300 dpi on the back of a 3.5" x 4"playing card ...)
    the program has to "resize" it using it's specific methods (whatever the programmers wrote to do it)
    this causes (in other programs i've seen) the image quality to drop significantly becasue the process the native program uses to resize for proper display is not as effective as a professional paint program being used to make the art the correct size and resolution to start with ...

    i don't know that this is definitely the issue ...
    but if TTS recently did any changes to the methods they use to render textures on cards .... it could explain it.

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    Dont Berserk Games go in to these threads and support?
    Of is it a more fix-it-yourself thing?


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    Got a link to a workshop where this is effecting?

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    Let me throw in as well and see if I can help you with this issue


    1:Which of the deck building tools are you using Andrews or Froghuts ?

    2,As Knil suggested can you share the deck image you've created for these cards and the raw image you've been working from for their back and front of at least 1 card, so I can run out a deck image myself for comparison.
    (P.M them to me if your not keen on sharing them publicly)

    2,how many card slots are there on the deck images your creating.

    3,how many slots are filled on the deck image.

    4, Also just confirm the output size in pixels of your problem deck image.

    5, Are all the images JPEG or PNG in format.
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