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Thread: Keep crashing when joining a friend's server

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    Keep crashing when joining a friend's server

    A friend invited me to his server to play a modded game (Eldritch Horror). It loaded partially, but very slowly. It got to 330 elements of 334 or something like that, and suddenly I got a CTD. I tried to join again and got a CTD immediately upon joining. I can't attach the error log, because the file is unsupported (you may want to do something about that), so here's a link:

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    That mod is terrible about causing people to crash. My friend had the same issue.

    Have you tried turning off Threading in the options?

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    I downloaded a different version of the same game and that worked fine, so I guess I'll just refrain from using the other one. Thanks!

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    The original one probably has super high textures or just not using best practices in general which can cause anyone to crash.

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