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Thread: Feature: Rewind

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    Feature: Rewind

    The arrow button pointing to left under the menu on the left side of the screen? It makes it go back a step, and you can use it multiple times to go back multiple steps. Not rewind, like watching things move back in time, but if all you're trying to do is go back 1 move, because you knocked over your dominoes, totally doable, or 5 moves, because a troll came in, moved a bunch of pieces on your chessboard, and left again, also doable.

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    Feature: Rewind

    This feature is already implemented in the game. It's the <--- icon at the bottom of the menu on the left.

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    Feature: Rewind

    Just found it! Great!

    The tutorial really needs to be expanded to include stuff like that! Also, the tutorial needs a voice-over. I'm visually impaired and can barely read the tiny text!

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