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Thread: [v8.1] Owner of a card to read hidden side

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    [v8.1] Owner of a card to read hidden side

    I haven't found an easy way for a player with a face-down card in front of him to check what the card shows. Currently he must drag it to a hidden zone, turn it over, alt-zoom, remember to turn it face-down again, then put it back in public view.

    What I would like to do is have a flat part of the table reserved for private player use, and in that zone the owner of the card can see front and back of a card with alt-zoom, without having to flip it. Other players should only see the exposed side on alt zoom. The zone should not obstruct view (like the current hidden zones do).

    Apologies if there is already a way to achieve this and I simply haven't found it.

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    Pull it into your "hand area". The other players can see where it goes, so they can see if you're swapping it for another card, but you can still flip it, check it, and flip it back before returning it.

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    This would be much more cumbersome than what I had in mind. Also, I want to put military units on the backs of the cards.

    I wanted a player to be able to hold ALT, and roam the pointer across 5 face down cards, quickly reading them all, without dragging them in and out of zones.

    I'll be able to achieve what I want with scripting, but I'll need a GUID for each card.

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    As of update v8.1, you can press SHIFT while holding ALT Zoom and he can now see the underside of a card. To prevent cheating, for a few seconds, a peek icon in his player color will show over the card he is looking at to let you know.

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