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Thread: Snapping not working correctly; snaps to an arbitrary point?

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    Unhappy Snapping not working correctly; snaps to an arbitrary point?

    I think it'd just be easier for me to upload a save, than explain it, so I will do that:

    But the gist of it: Cards that I'm trying to snap to a grid, are not doing so consistently; some rows work just fine, while other rows, every other column doesn't snap right, and snaps to what could be the crossover of lines instead? Either way, it's very frustrating, and not useful for trying to play the game.

    If anyone can take a look and figure it out, god, be my guest.
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    got it. here's the new file:

    Basically the problem was, that there was a HUGE grid of snap points there, bigger than the table, and they didn't match the grid in some areas, if at all, which caused your problem. So I went ahead and just got rid of them all and now it's working fine. (praise the devs for adding the "delete all" button for the snap points otherwise that would have taken a while to do.)

    Lemme know when you grab the file so I can delete it from my dropbox.

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    Aaah thank you so much!! Excuse my ignorance, but what are Snap Points? Are they, points you can set to have things snap to, outside of the grid? If so, I didn't know that existed... and this probably happened because this module is a modification of another module that I didn't like as much, so I was re-doing... so I went from it to my new board, without realizing that might carry over. So, thanks!!

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    ...what are Snap Points? Are they, points you can set to have things snap to, outside of the grid?
    That is indeed exactly what they are.

    This is the Snap Point tool(expanded), located at the second to last spot from the bottom of the toolbar that is on the left-hand side of the screen:
    To expand it like this, just click on it like any other tool.

    The first one, indicated by the Magnet, is the basic Snap Point, so the object will snap in place like a magnet, wherever you click to put the point. The point will look just like the tools' icon, a little green dot, when you place it. To delete the snap point, hover the hand over a point until it turns red, and then click on it to make it disappear. If you have many snap points to remove and you just want them all gone, you can click the Trash Can button at the end of the tool, to delete them all. It will pop up a little verification window to check if you are sure you want to do this.

    The 2nd one, the magnet with an arrow around it, is the "Rotation Snap" tool. These are nifty little things, in that if you place these on an object they not only make a place to snap, but they also store the orientation/rotation that the object is in as well. So if say you have an object set down, and rotated 30 degrees. If you use the Rotation snap point on it, then when any object is dropped nearby, it will automatically rotate the object 30 degrees and then snap to that place.

    If you lock down an object(like a board), and place a snap point on it, then the snap point will be attached to the object and if you move that object after attaching the point, then the snap point will move with it and stay in its place. It will also save those points if you do that and then save that object to your chest.

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    You can read about Snap Points on our Knowledge Base here:

    And while you're there, check out the entire Knowledge Base as you might find out some new info

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