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Thread: Installing a mod NOT on Steam

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    Installing a mod NOT on Steam

    Someone was gracious enough to send me a link to their Google Drive for some work he did. I've downloaded the ttsmod file, but I'm unsure how to load it into TTS.

    I've seen some of the tutorials, but still not sure how to get it to work in TTS.

    What folder does the ttsmod file need to be in?


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    If he sent you the JSOL file, just put it in My Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Workshop

    Everything else should load automatically.

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    When I click on his google drive link I see a Mods folder then when I click on that there is an image folder with jpeg and 3 png files and a Workshop folder with a json file. I download it to my Google Drive, then download it. All I see is a ttsmod file. I put that into my Workshop folder but I don't see where I can use it in the program.

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    The person who gave me the link said I need to use TTS Mod Backup to unpack the mod into TTS. Not sure how to do that or what TTS Mod backup is

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    Think I got it

    I didn't unzip the ttsmod


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    JSON, sorry, that's what I meant before, not JSOL.

    All you needed was the JSON, it would have downloaded the rest of the items itself.

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    Here's the link to TTS Mod Backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banbury View Post
    Here's the link to TTS Mod Backup.
    What exactly does this Mod Backup do? I've seen it mentioned before, but never investigated it.

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    It downloads all of the files for a subscribed mod and packs them into a .ttsmod file (basically a zip file).

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