Hey everyone!

I am a relatively new user of Tabletop Simulator and am trying to setup the game I am developing in Tabletop Simulator to help facilitate simpler blind play testing. I have been able to get most of the things I require for my game setup, but the difficulty I am running into is uploading the completed game to the Workshop. Here is the process I am using and the results I am getting:

Load saved game from within single player
Specify Title, Description and image url - tried both png and jpg and got same results
Check off game types and 2-4 players then click the create button.

I then get a notification in my game chat window that the upload is starting and shortly there after, that it has completed uploading and it gives my a 20 digit ID number. I also get a popup box that tells me the upload was successful and to save the code for future editing. The problem I am running into is that I don't see the code the popup is referring to and I don't have any files showing in my workshop. The only code of any kind that I see is the 20 digit ID number in the game chat box.

I have read elsewhere that sometimes closing out of Tabletop Simulator and then reloading it and trying again helps, but that hasn't helped me. Also it doesn't appear to be a "just wait 10 minutes" thing because I have been trying to get this uploaded since yesterday.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you could provide.