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    Question Tablet Volume

    I can't reply to the actual thread as it was closed, though the link is here if anyone is interested.

    One of the quotes from that thread is:
    the sound from the tablet is driven by the Awesomium Player, and if you click on your sound down on your taskbar, and go to the Mixer, you will see a volume bar for it, and you can adjust it there.
    When I play music from a Youtube video however while in-game, I get the Tabletop Simulator levels but there's no "Awesomium Player" in Volume Mixer. I've tried restarting the game multiple times, ran the tablet on a server and in single-player... nothing.
    I'm using Windows 10 Home Edition, if that helps.

    Any ideas?

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    Not sure here. I just tested it out - loaded up a Youtube video and then opened up the mixer afterwards and it said "Awesomium Renderer" as the volume slider. Although in this case, it won't work for Youtube since that's using flash, but for other sounds on the tablet it will work like when I went to and watched a music video there.

    I think it might be an issue with Windows 10 though, since I'm using Win 7.

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    Yep. Just tried it with MTV and the "Awesomium Renderer" volume slider appeared. It doesn't appear when loading up a YouTube video on the tablet first of all however and won't change the volume of the video as you said.

    It's a shame we can't volume YT videos without giving people tablet access. Could we please have a feature where we can simply disable redirecting the web page and only allow people to change the volume, full screen etc on their own side, if that's at all possible?

    Also learnt that SoundCloud won't work on the tablet, one of the biggest music streaming sites out there (that's probably Soundcloud's fault).

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    Giving others the ability to control sound would be awesome. I could use this for the games I DM.

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