One of my friends has dodgy internet from her university dorm which causes her to disconnect for about 15 seconds about once every 30 minutes to an hour (depending on time of day/network congestion). Now, one of two things happens:

1. It tells me she has disconnected, she ends up at the main menu, but she can't rejoin our password protected session, as it tells her the password is wrong. She has to completely exit the game and come back in for it to work.

2. Sometimes she gets the message she's disconnected and ends up at the main menu, while on my end (host) it shows she's still connected. As long as she remains "connected" (at least as it appears to me), she gets a join error when she tries to come back. I try to kick the false connection, and it says I kicked her in the chat, but her name still remains in the upper right corner. Tried waiting a couple minutes, but it never leaves. The only way to fix it is to save the game, go back to the main menu, and load again.