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Thread: onPlayerTurnStart problem

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    onPlayerTurnStart problem

    Having a problem with the onPlayerTurnStart function while testing in 'hotseat' multiplayer mode. So I put the following in the Global script...

    function onPlayerTurnStart(sColor)
    print('Start '..sColor)

    function onPlayerTurnEnd(sColor)
    print('End '..sColor)

    Behavior seen...
    • Through the initial player color-choice round, no onPlayerTurnStart/End occurrences (not surprised - not a problem)
    • Beginning of first actual turn for player 1 (blue), no onPlayerTurnStart call. Hmmm - this is a problem.
    • Press first (blue)player "End Turn" button, 'End Blue' and 'Start Red' seen in chat window.
    • "Player 2's turn" pop up seen, pressed 'Ok''. Chat window unchanged.
    • Press second (red) player "End Turn" button, 'End Red' and 'Start Teal' seen in chat window.
      and so on...

    The 'End Turn' button appears to call the onPlayerTurnEnd(currentcolor) correctly, but it also calls onPlayerTurnStart(nextcolor) incorrectly.
    Then 'Ok' button for next player's turn, doesn't call onPlayerTurnStart as I would have expected. If it did, I believe it would also solve the missing onPlayerTurnStart call after the 'color choosing' round at start of 1st player's actual first turn).

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    Thought about it further... I guess it doesn't matter that 'End Turn' calls onPlayerTurnEnd(currentcolor) and then onPlayerTurnStart(nextcolor).

    But the missing onPlayerTurnStart(FIRSTcolor) after the color-choosing round is definitely a problem.

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    onPlayerTurnStart is called after a player clicks OK in hotseat mode in the next patch. Thanks for pointing this out!

    It works correctly in online multiplayer currently.

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    Thank you! The next patch will solve a major headache for me.... yay!
    (I wondered if it was specific to hotseat mode.)

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