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Thread: There are a lot of room for text tool improvements

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    Exclamation Add a "Move" button for the 3D Text tool

    If you make 2 lines of 3D text(TEXT A and TEXT B), like this: 3DTEXT-1.jpg
    I can put the cursor up in TEXT A and use the buttons fine: 3DTEXT-2.jpg
    If I go to edit TEXT B, I can edit the content of the text, but the Buttons are intersected with TEXT A: 3DTEXT-3.jpg
    If I move the cursor up to try to use one of TEXT B's buttons, I can't because it's too close to TEXT A, so the buttons move up there: 3DTEXT-4.jpg

    If there was a "Move" button to use on both of them, I could click on the Move button of TEXT A, and drag it out of the way. Then I can use the buttons of TEXT B, and do what I like with that box and once I'm done, then I can move TEXT A back to it's place. Would also be useful for more precise positioning of the box.

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    There are a lot of room for text tool improvements


    the text tool as it is at the moment is almost useless.
    For games that require a lot of notes (like pen and paper RPG's) it is essential to have it.

    Things that are missing the most:

    • Ability to move text item after it is created. (simple move button would solve that.)
    • Ability to attach text to other objects. (tokens, boards, tiles and cards need it the most. )
    • ability to change box aliment. (another button that would bring 3 selections.) ( Aliment must also change text starting point, start, center, end of text field.)

    Nice to haves:

    • bb codes for (bold, italic, underline, lists.
    • Ability to attach text to any 3d object.
    • ability to change text box background colour, set its fixed size.
    • ability to change font.

    Thank you for your time.
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    The text tool is so awkward to use, definitely needs this and a bunch of other features. Give the text tool some love!

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    Some other things:

    • Text allignment option (left, right, centered).
    • Multiple lines of text in one textbox.


    EDIT: I think multiple lines in a text box was added in 6.9. Thank you! (:
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    Moving and attaching text to objects is really necessary to make it any use.

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    rotate options to help make text boxes straight / in line would be great

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