If i look on steam to see how much i have "played" the game i will find the nice even number of 2 hour. but saying that i have played the game is to say that i have swam in the pacific while i was bathing. This game freezes upon starting and takes minutes before i get to the menu and when i try to join a server i would be lucky to get to 60% loading before the game crashes. Im starting to think that i bought crashing simulator instead of tabletop. enough about the ranting

The game crashes:
* when you start it (if you wait for about 2 min you get to the main screen)
* it wont load completely and when it comes close to 100 % it crashes
* when trying to return to main meny it crashes and you have to wait

What i have done:
* reinstalled
* validated game files
* updated and clean installed drivers
* reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2012

My specs:
GTX 980
12 GB DDR3 ram
I7 4970k