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Thread: Custom card backs?

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    Custom card backs?

    Hey guys, I can't seem to get custom card backs to work, I tried a couple different ones from google both png and jpg, I also saved them to my pc and tried that. The red warning keeps saying improper URL and to copy from copy image URL. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Didn't want to make a whole new topic for a new question, so here it goes. Some servers just stay at connecting and the box on the side disappears, but nothing happens. Does this mean I am too laggy to connect or something?

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    Custom card backs?

    Can you give an example of the exact link you're using for the cards? Both the back-face and the front-face for the card have to be filled out to successfully load a deck.

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    Custom card backs?

    Oh I see, I need fronts too eh? I just wanted to give some customization to the regular 52 card deck, is there anyway I can get the imgur layout for a regular style deck, then I can just put a custom back on?

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