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Thread: Field of view setting for game pieces

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    Field of view setting for game pieces

    Hello! I have been directed here by Kimiko in the Steam Forums to post my suggestion here because it would just get lost in the steam discussions. There you go!

    For various tabletop games that require a figure to have a limited view range it would be nice if this game had a corresponding feature. Not only would it help with dungeons and dragons, but also with wargames of all sorts and sneaking games.

    To implement it, I would imagine the following mechanics:
    1. Be able to assign figures to players, so only their owner can see what they see.
    2. Assign a field of view to a figure/model: Be able to set radius and optionally also angle (these values would make spheres ingame, NOT cylinders). Only setting a radius will result in a circular field of view, adding an angle will make only that angle in front of the figure available for it to see, with the radius as range.
    3. Be able to set an angled field of view together with a circular to represent a characters ability to see forward farther but hear all around.
    4. All other non-locked objects on the table are handled as if in a hidden zone when not belonging to a(n opponent) player that could see them or to the game master, in which case they would be visible to everyone.
    5. Be able to set the degree of darkening of the invisible area (to create a slightly darker fog of war or a pitch black cave/dungeon)

    Player or Dev opinions? Further suggestions? Please comment!

    Original steam thread here:

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    This !

    As far as I'm concerned this is the only thing that Roll20 still has over TTS. It would be amazing if it could be implemented.

    I would go for another implementation though.

    1. You should give values to models instead of players. And have a way to assign objects to players (a feature that has been asked time and again for everything (from troll/misclick prevention to .. well view distance).
    That way you can have line-of-sight and view distance for wargames as well.

    2. It could be nice as a way to simulate view impediment caused by helmets, but I don't think it would translate all that well IG. But if it's easy to add, why not, some more creative people than me might find a use for it.

    3. I would deal with sound detection on a separate occasion though.

    4. Having dynamic hidden zones also seems like a costly solution to a simple problem. If players are assigned their models and can't interact with the rest then it doesn't really matter. Players might go fisihinf looking for descriptions to pop up. But again no description, no problem, and the GM can punish the exploiting players.

    5. Same for light/shadow. There is already light sources in the game and I suppose light interacts with particles effects like fog. So for a cave I'ld simply remove all lights from the room and give people a lantern. Dose the fog correctly and they won't be able to see past a certain distance despite their viewing ability.

    I hope a dev comments on it, I have seen these threads for ages, this view thing is really something most people are looking forward to using.

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    What if you had a nontextured extension to the model? Kind of like a template and have the player only be able to "see" objects that collided with that template. Though I don't know if you can have selected visabiltiy of an object that is not in a hidden zone. Dose a hidden Zone have to be rechtangler? Can I turn a mesh into the effect of a hidden zone?

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