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Thread: [v7.2] Maybe face down card piles should not leak information in the tooltip

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    [v7.2] Maybe face down card piles should not leak information in the tooltip


    In Tabletop Simulator, it seems like if you put 2 identical named face-down cards into a new pile together, the pile will have the name of the cards in the tooltip. So for example in Secret Hitler, on the very first turn, the players might pass a fascist policy and claim that they had received only fascist policies. Assuming the policy cards are named, any player could check the actual composition of the policies they received though. If the president received 1 liberal policy and 2 fascist policies, the discard pile will have tooltip "2." If the president received 3 fascist policies, the tooltip will say "2 Fascist Policy." If the president received 2 liberal policies and 1 fascist policy, the tooltip will say "2 Liberal Policy." So that's pretty much a disaster????

    In Shadow Hunters, there is a deck of "Hermit cards" that let you ask a question in secret to a player, and then they answer by taking some action publicly. Then the hermit card is discarded face-down. This deck contains duplicates of some cards, such as "Hermit's Slap." That card reads "I bet you're a Hunter. If so, take 1 damage." There are lots of reasons to take 1 damage or do nothing when receiving a hermit card, so generally people don't get much information from other players' hermit cards. But if right at the start of the game, the first 2 hermit cards played are both Hermit's Slap, then every player can look at the tooltip of the discard pile to learn what cards were played, and implicitly also learn whether each of the players who received a hermit card so far are Hunters. Wow, that's terrible.

    So maybe we just shouldn't name our cards if we want to play a game with duplicate cards and face-down card piles or something?

    I'd like to play Codex though. In that game, you have a hidden zone containing 2 copies each of 36 different cards. Each turn, you add 2 cards from that zone to your face-down discard pile. Sometimes your discard pile is empty before you do this. So if you get 2 copies of the same card in that situation, your opponent can mouseover your discard pile to see what card you got. I've been using the "Private search" feature's name search to make it easy to get the cards I want, since there are so many cards. So I need the cards to be named to be able to use that feature, but naming the cards means that my opponent can see hidden information by mousing over my face-down discard pile.

    Maybe TTS could change to not leak information in these situations?

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    Big +1 from me.

    Tl;dr version: Anything face-down should not leak description info when you hover your mouse over it. For example, the note card.

    EDIT: Also, don't show descriptions on hover for note cards in hidden areas too. Thanks.
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    This was fixed in a recent update, so all should be good now. Thanks.

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