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    Hi All. New user to Tabletop Simulator and loving it soo far. I'm a Youtube Entertainer (link in my signiture - Lets Plays and VLogs for now) and I'm intending to eventually go into boardgame reviews and tactical advice videos (though thats a bit into the future atm).

    I also have a love of modifying games for the sake of balance and experimentation, and even have some original game ideas I'm considering creating in time based on games I found somewhat lacking.

    That said, am here to make friends with anyone who is nice intelligent and inspiring

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    Hi there Zenvious!

    I hope your enjoy your stay in here forums and ingame. I also hope you make lot of new friends that you enjoy play with!
    Workshop is full of awesome games and mods from awesome people so you will not run out of games anytime soon.
    It seems that your signature is not showing so I can't check your youtube channel !
    4. Remember that TTS is family friendly, so keep younger audiences in mind before chatting.

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