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Thread: [v7.8] Joints not being severed

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    Lightbulb [v7.8] Joints not being severed

    Hello and thanks again for this beautiful game. I am making this post in hopes that the upgrade to Unity 5 made this request possible.

    The request I have is for jointed objects not to be severed when a jointed object changes to a different saved state. Currently, when you joint an object that has multiple saved States, if you change a state of one of the objects the joint is broken.

    This being fixed would make it possible to do a whole mess of different things to objects from quick changing weapons on RPG characters and NPCs to adding rank and status effects to wargame pieces. For my current project, for example, it would allow me to add a pseudo-HUD system to wargame pieces to allow for user friendly stat changes (such as health points, energy levels, etc). This would reduce the amount of time required for a player to complete a turn so that games would feel fluid and interactive.

    I hope this can be implemented and I look forward to creating many different workshop items as well as releasing my original game with this feature added.

    Thanks again and hope you guys have a wonderful development year (and many more years) ahead,


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    This now works as of Update v7.8. Thanks!

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