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Thread: Assign 'Value' to Custom Cards

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    Assign 'Value' to Custom Cards

    I don't know about everyone else, but tallying up Victory Points or XP of all your cards at the end of a deckbuilding game is one of the most tedious aspects of the whole thing (and can often be frustrating having to check others' math).

    An easy way to remedy this would be to have an option to assign a value to each card, and right-click option to see the value of a stack of cards (or possibly a default tool which provides the total when a deck is placed on it).

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    I don't think that would be all *that* hard to do in scripting.

    I'd use flipped notecards colored the same as the player, with a shortened triggerzone on top of it. Anyone drags a deck onto the notecard and drops it, the triggerzone fires. In the 'entertriggerzone' function, you could fetch a decklist of all the cards in the deck. Their unique values could either be in their nickname ("Hearts 8"), or in an object script variable (cardsuit = hearts, cardvalue = 8). I *think* you could use the decklist to access each card and read/tally those values. The only question would be whether it's possible to read nicknames or variables of cards while they are in a deck. I haven't tried that.

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    Poker chips being the only object in the game with this functionality is bad. We should be able to assign values to any object we like and have the game process the combined amount.

    For example, this would be very useful in Monopoly where we're using Monopoly money instead of poker chips. +1

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