Right now when you open a page on the in-game tablet and sign into a site, all the other tablet instances will share that session and have that user logged in. I'm assuming that's because each tablet presents a separate tab or window in the same browser session the game is using. Is it possible to split it so each tablet has its own session or maybe see if using incognito sessions instead would prevent a login from being shared across them?

Mainly suggesting/requesting for stuff like DnD sessions (separate logins for character sheets, etc.) or other scenarios where multiple users would have to log into their own accounts. It would also bump up privacy or security for someone looking at something they think is contained to their tablet alone (not saying anyone should be looking at their bank statements on TTS or whatever, but maybe they didn't want anyone seeing that photo they uploaded privately on imgur, etc.)

Thanks for the great game! It's what I've been waiting for for quite a long time.