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Thread: Need Help With Snap Points

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    Need Help With Snap Points

    I've been trying to add snap points to some mods and have become very frustrated with some of the tool's seemingly inexplicable behaviour.

    Essentially, I have created an object that acts as a player board (though it is a custom model) and created multiple states for that object so that a player can choose the one she wants.

    When I place tokens and other models on this board and then try to click on them with the snap point tool, sometimes the snap points end up on the player board and sometimes they end up on the table beneath the player board. For instance they might attach to the board on states 1 and 2 just fine, but when I switch to state 3 and try to add them, they instead attach to the table. Is this a bug or do I just not understand the intricacies of how snap points work? Is there something I'm missing that would fix this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Kuolema Welcome to the community.

    This is most probably down to the lock function. If an object has its "Lock" toggle on then the snap points fix to that object, but if the "Lock" Toggle is off then the snap point will fix itself to the first Locked object underneath it or the table if no locked objects are present.

    it works this way so you can use one object to position the location of a snap point onto something else.

    just check that each individual object in your state has its "Lock" set as its not a global action within the state function.
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    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!

    Is there anywhere I can find documentation for all of these rules? So far I've had to rely on trial and error to figure out how all the tools work.

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    Is there anywhere I can find documentation for all of these rules?
    The Knowledge base is generally a good place to start.

    But there will likely be gaps as Berserk have been adding and iterating at a fare rate of knots this year, so some of the documentation needs to play catch up

    Anything you get stuck on or can't find an answer for elsewhere, just post your questions in the forum and someone will give you a hand...we're a friendly bunch

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    Thanks again! I didn't know about the knowledge base, but it looks helpful.

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