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Thread: Shuffle lock option on multi-state

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    Shuffle lock option on multi-state

    Having a lot of states on an object to switch between is great, but having the the state accidentally change when you don't need "shuffle" is not so great.

    Had 12 custom token objects combined to simulate a "wound counter", moved the object around to vigorously and the shuffle effect changed the count I wanted. It would be great to have a shuffle-enable/disable toggle available to prevent shuffling when you don't need it. I guess this feature could also be applied to decks that you don't want accidentally shuffled because the card order is important and you don't want to accidentally change card position in the deck.

    BTW - TTS is simply becoming better and better, appreciate that the Berserk Game's small team is spending so much effort to enhance an already great tool.

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    I'd agree with this one, Using states is quite a useful way to bring rule books and manuals onto the table top and the ability to "shuffle" the pages is really not wanted.

    adding a ON/OFF check box feels like a sensible inclusion though it needs to be applied at an item by item level rather than globally so as not to effect other stated objects in the Mod that may rely on the same shuffle function.

    Big fat +1 from Me

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    My pet peeve with states, and I've meant to voice this for months now. There is a .setState() function, but no .getState(). I've worked around it by giving the Lua script in each state a 'state' variable that I have to read to see what state is currently being displayed. But it would be nice to have the .getState() function instead for future projects.

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    I agree, I was suggesting that the toggle be on the object level and could be applied to decks if extending it would not be too difficult.

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    +1 here, too - i've had this happen way tooo many times

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    Option to Disable Shuffling of States

    States are useful for a variety of circumstances.

    In many of those circumstances, the need to shuffle through the states is not needed.

    It is often a hindrance, since states may shuffle when players are simply attempting to move the stated object.

    It would be great if a toggle existed for disabling shuffling for stated objects.

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    Similar threads Merged.

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    Yes, I agree! Allow us to remove shuffling for certain objects even it if it has to be done through scripting. I'm working on something right now and this feature (or rather, lack of a feature) would benefit it greatly.

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