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Thread: Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Tabletop Simulator has been out for exactly one week and it has been a great success thanks to our awesome community! We managed to break into the Top 10 Steam top sellers, which is completely beyond anything we could have imagined. The amount of amazing mod content you guys have been able to pump out is staggering. With that, we’ve got our first big Steam update since we released and it’s a doozy!

    • Line Tool has been added for measure distances, hold 'Tab' to start measuring; synced with all clients
    • You can now scale objects up and down in size (Up to twice as big and half as small) Use either '+/-' or shift + alt + scroll
    • IRC Lobby has been integrated in the game (Very WIP), the chat bubble on the bottom right will bring it up. This is a great way to find people to play with.
    • RPG Props have been added: Chest, Barrel, Table, and Chair. This should help add some flair to your dungeons
    • (Table flipception, you can flip a prop table on a table, that you use to play tabletop games…sorry)

    User Account Changes:
    • You no longer have to login into our account system to play
    • Your in-game name is your current Steam name
    • Banning saves the user's Steam ID
    • In the future we will be integrating more and more with Steam

    Server Browser Enhancements:
    • Server browser is now sorted by newest to oldest
    • You can now hide locked & full servers
    • Search can be used to find a specific game name, user name, or game mode
    • Host can now supply location of server

    • Camera now collides with the table, this should stop you from clipping into the table
    • End turn button has been merged with the "Your turn" message on the top of the screen
    • Added some randomness to the Table flipping to make each flip unique
    • In spawn menu, Chinese Checkers pieces have been renamed to marbles and the metal ball has been added to it
    • "Alt" zoom is now disabled while holding down right mouse button
    • Dungeon grid and tilesets were slightly increased in size slightly (2%) to square out the grid at an equal 2
    • Notepad typing sound removed, it's easy enough to tell when someone is adding to it
    • Random mahjong spawn has been added to spawn menu

    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved Steam integration issue asking for DRM-Free key (2010 C++ Redist)
    • Piecepack object can now be properly picked up by clients
    • Flipping tall objects no longer will take a long time
    • Fixed Square Table flip freezing mid air
    • Custom Board will not scale gradually when loading saves, no longer knocking over objects
    • Enter is now properly working in the private notepad
    • Mouse is now hidden when alt hovering over an object
    • Piecepack spawn menu now has the dice
    • Dice rotation now works on Piecepack dice and D4
    • If you choose Backgammon when on Glass table it swaps to the Octagon table
    • It should no longer be possible for two people to choose the same color
    • Fixed CardBots mat collision when lowering a card
    • Blocking people on server browser should be working properly again
    • Cards should no longer deal to the same person multiple times
    • Hand will no longer open up like you can pick up a board
    • Objects on custom board should no longer slide randomly when on the surface
    • Rewinding with objects on cards should no longer swap places
    • Resolved some crash Linux issues (Experimental)
    • Resolved crash issue on exit game

    What we are working on:
    • Steam Workshop Integration
    • 3D Model Support for Mods
    • Linux version for Nvidia users
    • Additional RPG Features
    • Connection Issues
    • Stability
    • ??? game mode
    • Performance
    • More steam Integration
    • More optimization (Ram usage)
    • Crashing issues
    • Adding basic game rules
    • and much more...
      We are working hard to bring you guys these updates as fast as possible and we want to thank you all for deciding to take this ride with us!

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Amazing you guys! Great update! My only complaint though, I love the typing sound for the notepad haha, it's so surreal and nice.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    So it's no longer possible to share an account when everyone is on the same local network?

    Or is a steam free version still being developed?

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    "Linux Version for nVidia users"
    Thank goodness that bug has been identified and is being worked on.

    The new measuring tool is nice, but causes frequent freezing for me. First I identified that TAB causes freezes regardless, and tried swapping my key to ]. Using ] also causes the mouse to freeze after about a second- the longest I've gotten the ruler to is 14 (typically around half that before freezing). After the mouse freezes, I can get it to unfreeze by simply letting go of the ruler button.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    FlukiestEmperor said

    So it's no longer possible to share an account when everyone is on the same local network?

    Or is a steam free version still being developed?

    The non steam version will function just the same as before, this account system change was only for the Steam version.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    BUT BUT BUT.....

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Door needs some special sauce to work so it functions like a door should

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    It seems I can place cards on top of each other somewhat offset to attach them to each other. Is this undocumented from this update or was it added before and I didn't notice it until now?

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Twilightdusk said
    It seems I can place cards on top of each other somewhat offset to attach them to each other. Is this undocumented from this update or was it added before and I didn't notice it until now?

    It worked semi-well when I was playing Solitaire before, so it might be something you didn't notice before. Didn't work awesomely in solitaire, but well enough that the few times I knocked cards out of place when playing, it was fast to fix, and most of the times I didn't need to fix them.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Twilightdusk said

    It seems I can place cards on top of each other somewhat offset to attach them to each other. Is this undocumented from this update or was it added before and I didn't notice it until now?

    It's always been a feature. Great for playing MtG, I think.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    BUG: The D4 Dice go through the sides of the maps on every map and fall through the cup holder on the poker map.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    PurpleJello said

    BUG: The D4 Dice go through the sides of the maps on every map and fall through the cup holder on the poker map.

    BUG: They also consistently clip through each other, metal or plastic (but not through any other spawned objects, interestingly enough)

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Woo! Another amazing update!

    Tiny cards are oddly adorable and the giant d20 is my new favorite thing.

    A couple of bugs I've noticed:
    The player pawns seem to get very top heavy when shrunk and dropped on a board or wood table (it doesn't happen on felt though). It's sorta funny sometimes because they'll just roll around on their heads for a little while before coming to a stop.
    Any tables or barrels that aren't directly hit by a table flip will hover in mid air for a couple seconds before falling (when unfrozen, because like the other tiles they don't fall at all when frozen). Wall pieces and corners seem to share this behavior, though oddly enough the chests and floor tiles do not.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    going to main menu from inside a game while irc chat is up results in no main menu showing:

    you have to exit out of the chat for it to show, not sure if this was planned.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    BUG: If you adjust the size of an object, attempting to pick up any other object while holding it will cause the picked up object(s) to be rescaled to the same scale as the first picked up object, regardless of their own scale. e.g., picking up a half sized marble will cause any other objects subsequently picked up to be instantly rescaled to half size as long as that first marble is in hand.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's a bug, but attempting to stack two cards of different sizes resizes both cards to a scale approximately halfway in between.

    Also also, there should be a shortcut to resize an object to its original scale. Maybe a combination of "+" and "-" or another "alt" modifier?

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    TTS in TTS
    10/10 - Best Update

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    NightCrest said

    TTS in TTS
    10/10 - Best Update

    I heard you like RPGs so I built an RPG inside an RPG inside a RPG simulator so you could play an RPG while playing an RPG while playing an RPG simulator!

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    So, when I'm using my main steam account, "MattDamonUniverse" the IRC works fine. But when I'm using an account called "Latté" it tells me this:

    * *** Looking up your hostname
    * *** Checking Ident
    * 719742676
    * *** No ident response
    * *** Found your hostname
    And when I retry:
    * *** Looking up your hostname
    * *** Checking Ident
    * *** Found your hostname
    * *** No ident response
    * 3520987514
    * Your username is invalid.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Can you add an option so that only the server host can resize objects as games are too hectic when everyone can resize objects.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    NightCrest said

    TTS in TTS
    10/10 - Best Update
    Hey! No recursion!

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    QQuixotic said

    NightCrest said

    TTS in TTS
    10/10 - Best Update
    Hey! No recursion!

    *flips table in dungeon on table on table*

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    Another scale bug:

    If you change the scale of a stack of poker chips, then stack more on they end up floating way above the main stack at their original scale.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    First want to say that I absolutely love the potential for this simulator and I've been having a lot of fun playing with the physics -- my posting is mostly feedback/suggestions so I don't want to give the impression that I'm lacking a lot of things that would otherwise make this all fun. IT"S SUPER FREAKING AWESOME.

    Anyway, here are my ideas:

    1) Some things like Backspace/Delete don't work unless you're holding an object. I wish you could have the cursor over the object or be holding it to copy/cut/delete it.

    2) I wish spawned objects by default appeared at your space along the table rim, rather than in the center of the table -- maybe a host option to switch between either? I tend to copy and paste objects just so I don't wind up spawning over something I've already dropped and knocking it apart by accident.

    3) I wish I didn't have to back out of the spawn submenus to get to the Undo/Back button, to undo a set of objects that got knocked over or something. Can we make the Undo always visible at some other part of the screen? Perhaps also bind it to Delete/Backspace? If my suggestion above is implemented when you have your mouse over an object and press Backspace/Delete it'd disappear. Pressing Delete/Backspace again would trigger Undo and bring it back in the same place -- this seems logical to me, even though it's doing two different things. Otherwise bind Undo to u?

    4) Maybe delete could be shown on the keyboard map, not just in the lower left corner?

    5) Backing in and out of the submenus from the main menu gets tedious, can we have a preferences option to spawn individual popup windows from the main menu? Otherwise have the default behavior? I'd love to keep the RPG spawn menu window up with a little X button for when I want to make it disappear.

    6) Resizing objects isn't yet part of the onscreen keyboard help, the line tool isn't either :> I love that quick reference but I get more info from the before-game input configuration. Just needs a little updating ~

    7) If the grid is enabled, I wish resizing objects could be done by increments of the grid square width. Otherwise, resize by the double if going larger, or half if going smaller default behavior.

    8) Maybe I missed something, but currently only the RPG kit pieces respect the grid? I'd love for all pieces to respect the grid if enabled, but I know not all pieces fit within the grid size. Maybe the default behavior (if the grid is enabled) would be to center the piece over the grid square it lines up with as it falls to the table?

    9) I'd love an option for reducing the physics or nullifying them on impact, just suck the pieces straight down. You can get some of that by increasing the gravity but I'd love to have an option to make pieces "bounce less" or rotate slightly if dropped at an angle from moving and dropping pieces quickly. This is related to the grid mechanics, but if the grid isn't enable it'd still be nice.

    10) Would love to see a slight overlay of the grid perhaps...

    11) You can set the character/figurine pieces to go into attack, defend, or that other mode with 1, 2, or 3 -- could we have alternate textures for pieces that aren't animated and select which one with the number keys? We don't have to have hundreds of textures, but maybe 1 to 9 and 0 being the default would be nice.

    12) Custom texture packs for the RPG kit would be awesome -- I'm not sure how easy this would be to add...

    13) I want to select a table shape, the table surface material, and the friction of the table (like if I want to override it and have a felt table with 0 friction so we can play a funky-looking game of table hockey!!!). Also selecting the size of the table would be good, you shouldn't make high resolution textures for every gargantuan table size -- just the common ones we already have, but scale those up if the player enlarges the size of the table model maybe? If the tables were bigger we could make some very addictive dungeons. I don't play DND but this simulator makes me want to learn, or at least make a ton of mazes.

    14) If games like Jenga are ever going to be possible, the way pieces are pushed from the cursor with Shift needs to change. From a top-down view it looks accurate, but if you make the camer level with the table and try to push a piece that is stack over another it will shift everything from the bottom of the stack. We need to push from the direction of the camera sometimes -- not just laterally across the table. The default behavior should be preserved, but an option to push from the view of the camera where the cursor is would be way useful -- subtle differences in angle of a piece you're looking at would make a game like Jenga still very unpredictable and fun -- I think

    15) I want to hold V (Paste) with the grid enabled and spawn objects along the grid path I move along with the cursor. A use case would be laying the floor when making a dungeon, it would be very quick/efficient. To do this, I imagine you'd have to make V somewhat modal -- holding V shouldn't spawn the copied object as quick as possible. It should spawn it on the table over where the cursor is positioned and drop to the table like normal, but when the grid is enabled and the piece respects the grid -- spawn it over that grid space. As V is held and the cursor moves over new grid spaces or away from a non-grid position to a point where a new object would not overlap with the previous -- spawn the next. I hope this sounds clear, I'm rather wordy.

    Related: I try to do this currently by holding a floor tile I've copied (for example) and looking at where its shadow is on the table. I then press V repeatedly to try and lay a path as I go, but this doesn't work because spawned RPG tiles don't respect the grid on their first drop. I want all items to respect the grid if enabled (it's part of one of my other suggestions), even on the first drop. Then we could efficiently/quickly lay paths/walls/stuff like this.

    16) I'd love to see water, lava, and a "pit" tile for the RPG pack. I'm sure there are other cool tile ideas, but those were the most obvious to me... If you guys can make animated figurines it'd be nice to see some form of animation in the water and lava tiles -- the pit would be just a black hole (Think Edgar Alan Poe & The Abyss -- but the same size as the floor tiles of course). I'm not sure what's possible with these tiles, but perhaps a tile you would stack over the floor to look like poisonous gas would be cool -- if the multiple textures-per-model idea is done you could instead hover over a floor title and change the texture to look sickly for a poisonous gas area? I was imagining something that looked like it was wavering in the air though.

    17) It'd be cool to exchange custom board images and maybe someday alternative texture packs with friends within the game joined game/server.

    18) I'm not sure if you guys can cover copyrighted games under the public fair use laws (etc), but I would love to play Shoots and Ladders & Yahtzee.

    19) I want to be able to specify "gravity spots" or places where a piece landing on the table won't bounce around but get sucked down to sit until raised by another player -- no topling over. It would be like letting players define a free-form grid that the RPG pieces magnet down to. If you have a custom game board, you'd want to define gravity/sticky spots along that board where pieces resist responding to physics and falling over. It's related to gravity, but not the global game board/table gravity.

    20) Certain games have spots pieces land on where you "advance 4 spaces" or some such. I'd love to designate "slides" or "shifters" on my custom game board where if a piece lands at one end, it gently slides over to the other end. This would work for games like Trouble, Monopoly, Shoots & Ladders, etc.. The player can still obviously pick their piece up and reposition it. This simulator is of course supposed to mimic a real tabletop experience, but in some ways you still might want certain automatic effects to take place on the board (imagine the pieces sliding around on their own in the movie Jumanji).

    21) I know this simulator is oriented for looking *down* at the table, but some games build up to a few stories off the surface. Can we have blocks designed for rolling marbles down so we can build marble tracks? Like... those sets you see where a marble goes down a track rolling through various obstacles and it just looks "cool"? It's not necessarily a game.

    22) Related to sticky/gravity spots -- I want to rotate a piece to the side of it I'm modifying on a per-game basis, drop it to the table, then mark places on the model where it should magnet to magnet spots on other pieces. Those wooden colorful blocks are fun! I want to build a big castle, and it's be easier sometimes if the pieces adhered to each other unless raised individually -- depending on the game type. I just find myself building multi-story pyramids and stuff, and dropping them from high up can knock a few things over..

    23) I want to freeze individual game pieces, rather than just the RPG tile set. If that's possible and easy to do, maybe bind that to a key for when the cursor is hovered over an object?

    24) I want to hold alt to release an object and have it simply drop and lay flat on the table where it landed without impact physics (if that can be controlled at all). I do love the physics, but if I'm holding alt I don't want the piece to bounce around on impact. Keep the default behavior, enable drop-with-no-impact while holding alt?

    25) I want to click and drag to create an overlaid rectangle outline on the table, any objects within that rectangle would be selected so I could delete or copy and paste everything as one big object to somewhere else. It helps when you want to copy individual room designs from dungeons -- if this is possible I would love you all so much more

    Extension to this idea: If we could select a rectangle of objects, we could also save a rectangle of objects maybe? Instead of having game saves that load everything from the table up, perhaps it'd be good to have "selective saves" so you can load in a rectangle of objects you saved over the game of a friend In this way, a group of friends could bring together partial saves to experiment and make new games. Think: I want to load in this portion of the dungeon on this area of my friends' game.

    26) We need a hold and release mode for pushing objects, so we can set up things like miniature golf courts from frozen RPG tile sets. I don't know how this would be mapped around the shift key, but for things like slinging marbles around I feel it's something that's needed -- beyond manually pushing the marbles. I want to grab the marble on the table (left + right mouse) and hold shift to let a power meter build up. Perhaps right-shift can be used for this as left-shift is taken.

    27) Some of us have mice with a scroll wheel that lets you tilt the wheel left and right, can we map this to left and right arrow on the keyboard so we can pan sideways around the table with it?

    28) Puzzles. If we can use custom board images, lets autogenerate puzzles from them You don't need to randomly generate unique piece shapes, you just need a set of maybe 10-30 different shapes that can be clipped by the edges of the puzzle. Have a default, cardboard-like texture on all sides of these pieces and then map the custom image one of the players provide over the pieces before they're shuffled into a mess. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to do so I'm sorry if I'm very ignorant of the complexity here, but puzzles are a fun and often overlooked tabletop game

    29) I want one table and background design that doesn't look realistic at all. Something like a selectable solid color background and a plain 3d square/board that doesn't look like wood or metal or glass or anything really -- just a really basic setting. I love what's there already, but sometimes the table design or background image can be distracting -- think something like the look of the newer Tron: Legacy movie. A scifi table+setting?

    30) Emoji text is hip in 2014, can we get a font that does Emoji in all the text windows? (not really important but it'd be fun for those of us who don't have mics)

    31) Pick Up Stix, Scrabble, & Mancala.

    32) Pictionary -- overlay a whiteboard or chalkboard or "paper" on the table? Doesn't have to be complex supporting lots of different colors and brush textures like photoshop, just different colors to tell players apart. This would also allow you to combine drawn boards with the 3d objects in the simulator by spawning them above it. (Maybe this idea is too much work?)

    33) Along with having the notepad, maybe we can have counters on the table that the players can increment or decrement personally? When looking around the table one would see the number/score next to their name. I don't know how this would look, perhaps there would be space for multiple counters of different color. Also, a table that has a light/buzzer combo for each player on it like Jeopardy would be awesome.

    34) An option to mute a player during their turn automatically, or mute everybody else (inverse) that would be undone when the next persons' turn starts. Make it a host option? Before turns start everybody can talk. This would not limit the text window, only voice chat -- you guys decide

    35) Hosts sometimes need to moderate the chat -- by being the only ones heard. I'd like a host option that mutes everyone else while the host talks, so arguments can be settled quickly before resorting to muting or kicking people individually. I haven't needed this, but it's an idea for large dungeon matches or rule disputes, haha

    36) I see a lot of custom content on these forums, a LOT of cool stuff. If your game is public, and you happen to be using custom content -- it'd be cool if you could download it from a game in-process on a server you haven't joined through the server browser. I think this would be an effective and convenient way for helping people discover and share new content -- but only if the game server they leeched it from is hosting a public game. I dunno, perhaps you guys can think of a better way :>

    37) Make the Line Tool more useful -- tapping the Tab key once could instead refer to a specific point on the board (wherever your cursor is pointing) like what is done in Portal 2 for coordinating your co-op partner's attention. Make it look like a sort of beacon?

    38) GIFs used animated textures -- GIF is the format I immediately thought of for having animated 2-dimensional textures, but WebP from Google is supposed to allow for animation as well. Maybe Unity3D can do this? WebP is being pushed in Google's Chrome browser right now and through Opera. It allows for lossy and lossless image compression, as well as animation like GIFs. Perhaps it can be used for making some interesting cards and boards. Sounds like a big research project, I could not find information on Unity using GIFs as textures...

    39) Please add the Tic Tac Toe custom content from KongoBoom, though I'm not sure what the number cards would be good for. Also, add to his content by adding a 9 by 9 game board for "extreme" tic tac toe'rs, haha.

    40) Add Sudoku and the Memory Card game? (maybe use the number cards from the previous suggestion for this).

    Note: When I was a kid I would play the memory card game by using a standard deck of cards and matching up numbers of the same color together. So you'd match the 2 red Jacks and the 2 black queens, etc... The poor-man's memory game As part of the deck dealing mechanics, it'd be cool to say "Okay take this deck and equally distribute it in a grid over the table" -- and voila you got the memory card game layout!

    41) Add the memory cup game where you hide an object under an arbitrary number of cups and they're slid around each other, the player has to guess which cup holds the item. The speed and number of cups could be set? I'm not sure about this one, but for multiple players it could be fun as a drinking game.

    42) Add support for an arbitrary number of save slots, or a way to drag and drop in custom content without overwriting existing stuff. I love this community

    43) I'd really love a board and pieces for battleship, if that can work... not sure how you'd hide the opponents' pieces on the table unless you fix the camera angle. Perhaps some games need fixed camera angles? You can't just hide what the player keeps at their edge of the table... Yep, definitely need a way to create fixed camera angles (but still possible to zoom from your perspective). Maybe a host option so you players can't rotate around the table? Some games only work with a limited perspective :> Either fixed at the angle you start at the table, or fixed by manually positioning cameras (as host?)?

    44) I want a cup to put dice in to shake and roll them. I know you can grab multiple objects and shake them with r or moving the mouse back and forth, but we all kinda get picky about if an opponent shook them enough before rolling. This only gets worse in a simulator when you can't tell how many times the dice turned over and just hear the sound of it. If we had a cup we could put the dice in, it would still have the sound and hide any indication of what sides the dice will land on until it gets inverted or you shake it so hard the dice come flying out. This would be an alternative to shaking many dice at once with the pointer directly? Yahtzee is calling...

    45) The gap between RPG kit walls is a bit large, when I zoom in close to the table and make the camera level with the surface it sort of detracts from the imagined realism for me because I can see right through the walls in those gaps. Maybe the gaps could be tightened up a little? If they disappeared it'd be hard to tell where one piece ends and another starts, so they're worth having..

    46) When you play at the lower graphics settings, there doesn't seem to be a shadow projected below the piece -- where it will drop to on the table. It'd be nice if we had an option to enable an outline or dot below the piece for where it will drop. Otherwise I have to play at higher settings to see that shadow and be more precise

    47) A roulette wheel (one you can put a marble on) would be nice. If the marble part is not possible, just having a small wheel to spin would be cool - it'd be another form of the more complex dice. Maybe a wheel where you can set how many numbers appear along its edge? Or give us a template for an image that can be textured on the wheel, then let us resize the wheel accordingly if our textures put 1 to 10 or 1 to 100 on it

    48) This one is a little far-fetched, but I want a mini catapult. It doesn't have to look accurate, I just want something I can trigger to fling a block or marble or something small across the table. It'd be fun to set up a game where you're knocking down your friends' object defenses I can already do something like this by lowering the gravity to 0.2, then raising something like a domino that's underneath another domino, so it winds up flinging the one on top away from me.

    49) Objects should rotate bottom-down when you raise them, only at spawn should this be the default. Imagine that every piece has an invisible L in the center of it, which would represent its orientation in the x, y, and z axis. When i rotate an object so its right side is facing down, place it on the table, then pick it up again, I want it to keep that orientation -- not rotate back to the default position. If I hit space while holding a piece, then bring it back to its default orientation, otherwise no. Some objects don't have flat sides, so they may rest on the table at angles (marbles, pawns, the ent figurine on its side...). For these objects, when raised have the simulator approximate what the closest side is being parallel with the table surface, use this for the bottom when it is raised.

    Note: I was a little annoyed when I tried to make a divider on the table out of floor tiles from the RPG kit and it kept re-facing them so they laid flat like a floor. I was making a wall of them tipped sideways. I could have used the corner pieces from the RPG kit to do this, but it would have meant a thicker divider.

    50) When setting up some game types, that the game board is an object on top of the table can get in the way (custom game board). So when I try to create a barrier to act like a divider over the board I have trouble continuing it off the sides of the board because I can't get those objects to lay flat. I wish you could select if the board is part of the table (flat surface) or if it's a board on top of the table. -- another solution might be allowing for custom table textures on top of having custom board images. Then you could just use a table that doesn't have a board, and set the table surface image to be your game board image. ~i dunno~

    51) I wish we could see where other players are looking from -- like camera icons that follow where other players "are".

    I really hope all these things don't sound like criticisms, and I'm sorry I didn't sort them in the order of easiest to most difficult to do. I don't expect all of these to be accepted as good ideas or implemented, but this is what I personally would love to see. I tend to get obsessed with things when I really like something... as evidenced by all this text. I love what this team has done and the potential for making certain tabletop games popular again! I am extremely excited because I think out of all the Steam games I've bought that this has the biggest replay value.

    Happy Hacking!

    PS: I've been having fun with all the marbles I've lost (lol). If you spawn marbles 1 over the other in the same spot they stack, to a level of 4 marbles usually. If you spawn them quick enough where 1 appears within another, the top ones bounce up off the stack before coming back down. If you spawn them very quickly you can have the top ones bounce up and land back on the stack without toppling the stack. I LOVE THIS -- I've been working on a few games where I create a lot of marble stacks and the players have to roll their marbles through these stacks without toppling any. Eventually I want to work out a point system where if they topple a red stack it counts against their score more than a blue stack, etc. Just fun ideas I didn't see marbles being very interesting before this.

    PPS: This is an AMAZING resource: anguage=0&src_cat=2&page=1&pUp=1

    It looks like some of the upstream team has contributed? What about a community-done poll to have some of these included in the game in a future update?

  24. #24

    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    wow that's a long list.

    2) I feel like moving the spawn point to where the player is would only really help if multiple players could spawn things (that way their spawning wouldn't get in each others way). Since that isn't currently possible, I'm not sure I see the point. And honestly, I think copy/pasting something you're going to be spawning a lot of is currently easier than using the menu anyway.

    3) +1 on this. Since they're already using x c and v for normal ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+v functions, why not make z and y work as undo/redo like their ctrl functions?

    5) Personally, I like being able to back out to the next level of the menu, but I could definitely see the use of adding a way to back all the way out as well.

    8) Some other pieces will respect the grid in specific conditions. Things like checkers snapping to the center of a space on the checkerboard. Same thing with chess, reversi, and go, possibly others as well.

    18) Including a game with a copyright in a video game they're selling definitely doesn't fall under the category of fair use. That being said, the community can add in custom versions of them (and in fact, I do recall seeing a version of both of those games on the nexus)

    27) I'm sure there's some piece of software out there that would let you do that currently.

    31) I've also seen Scrabble on the nexus

    36) The only way I'd be ok with that is if it was toggleable (and preferably off by default). I just don't like the idea that random people could just download custom content from people that may not actually be finished working on it without their knowledge or consent. Although it would certainly be a unique way of sharing content.

    38) Yes. 100% yes. All of my yes. The stupid real world has utterly failed at creating animated playing cards, and I would love to see that in TTS. I would also like to add that support for transparency would be cool too.

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    Steam v1.1 Update (Bugs Feedback)

    19, 24: Yes to these.

    21, 26, 48: Me too, all of these.

    25: This would work perfectly for picking up and rolling a group of dice.

    44: Totally agreed.

    Basically, I agree with your entire post, but some of the specific items more strenuously than others.

    Maybe the game could have a design mode, where one person can create a save that includes a larger selection of "pieces" than are available in the in-play mode toolkit; things like embeddable grid-snap-points.

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