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Thread: Name Alien and Flare cards for Cosmic Encounter

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    Name Alien and Flare cards for Cosmic Encounter

    Currently it is very inconvenient to find certain alien and flare cards when setting up the game. I love the new private search feature, but you still have to manually search each card because the "names" of the cards appear to just be numbers (ie, each card is numbered 1-50 rather than Human, Dictator, Chosen, etc). This gets to be quite slow especially since multiple people have to manually secretly search the deck for their own aliens.

    If you can name these cards, then it would be a lot easier to use the search text field to quickly find the one you want.


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    Since this is a specific suggestion relating to Cosmic Encounter Rather than TTS as A Whole, I've moved the thread to where its more likely to receive attention.

    Have you considered labelling them yourself, saving the table with these changes then using your save file to host games from rather than the Default set up ?

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    Nope, I didn't know I could label them myself. I've figured it out now and started naming them for my own use. Still, it seems like a good idea to apply to the master load file for everybody using the paid DLC. Thanks for the tip!

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    The Alien and Flare cards have been named in this recent update. This is ONLY for the base game though.

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