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Thread: Custom marbles board

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    Custom marbles board

    I would like to create a custom board that will have dimples for marbles (similar to Chinese checkers). Anyone know how I can go about doing that?

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    Hey Billboshankins Welcome to the community What modelling program do you have ?

    Assuming this board will be used in a "Locked" State You will need to create a simplified version to use as a custom collider as well as a more detailed one for looks.

    For both the meshes you will need... One Method (but by no means the only ) would be to create an array of spheres that equal the number of dimples you wish to create and use their "shape" to subtract dimples from another mesh using a Boolean Difference Modifier.

    which sounds complicated but really isn't.

    But if you have to move the board and retain use of the dimples at the same time a different approach would be required for the collider as Unity5 does not support Dynamic (moving) Non-convex colliders so a "Compound" collider would be used instead...... Which we can go over should you need it

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    I have no modeling software. I don't even really know where to start...

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    Well.... we've all been there

    I'd recommend Blender as its completely free and there is literally a crap ton of video tutorials to help you along.

    First in a series of get you started tutorials for you to look at.

    It can feel a bit daunting if you've never done any of this before, so alternatively if you were to layout the details of what your after and post them in a new thread in General. I've no doubt some one would be willing to make it for you if you ask nice enough....we're quite a helpful bunch round here

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    I have the physical board sitting in front of me, I just don't know how I would put it in the game. I'll give it a try, though. Otherwise, do you think I can just post a pic of the board and someone can model it?

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    Sure. pictures and a set of relative dimensions would help in converting it to a virtual version...basically the better the information you can supply the better the finished item will end up

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