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Thread: Some modding and custom content questions

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    Though I understand right now that not everything is in the game yet, this is more about the projected bounds of the modding. My friend is really into designing boardgames and is considering backing, but he had a few questions which got me scratching my head.

    1. Will large custom landscapes be possible? I saw this touched upon slightly in one thread about wargames and miniatures, but would a large landscape be possible within the bounds of model file size or just practical table size?

    2. Will there be limits on the number of cards in a custom deck? Could I have a TCG with thousands of different cards, for example? On the other end of the spectrum, could I have a Mafia game with only 5 or so cards?

    3. Will you be able to customise both the front and backs of custom decks?

    4. Can you change the size of custom boards?

    5. Will you be able to easily package, customise and share gamemodes with other players, including custom models and textures? Will these custom models and textures be downloaded along with the gamemode or will they have to be acquired separately?

    6. Could you have multiple boards on the table simultaneously, and can you have reversible boards with custom textures on both sides?

    7. Other than those mentioned for the other questions, what boundaries would you say there'll be to the custom content? (e.g. could I script an object to act like an automated card dealer or another electronic aspect of the game (like in Dark Tower)?)

    and finally, one unrelated to modding, but still quite pressing;

    8. Will you be able to save and resume sessions? Can you resume these without all the original players present? Could these sessions be transferred and backed up like any other file?

    Still, super pumped for this game. Thanks for reading, and (hopefully) answering!

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    I can't give 100% solid answers to all of these yet because the custom content tools are still in early development. I will try to answer the best I can though

    1 & 2 There will be no hard-coded limits.
    3 Yep.
    4 Shouldn't be a problem.
    5 Not sure yet on how this will work, end game goal is steam workshop integration.
    6 Board don't currently have physics they are strapped to the table.
    7 Scripting isn't something on the plate yet, I'm going to work on getting custom asset support first.
    8 Yep saving and loading can be done and the file can be distributed

    Glad you are excited we are looking forward to the flood gates being opened up! Thanks for asking

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    Will the game support scripting? I think some boardgames will need some scripted object for it.

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    We are focusing on getting custom importing working first, it's something that might come later.

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    Just a question concerning the custom content.

    Do you know what format 3d models will need to be in? Does the engine support bump mapping and other material effects? I assume the game supports textured models so that custom hexes can be made etc. Is there an option, or will there be an option, to freeze a model in place so it cannot be knocked out of the way? This way a gameboard can be made as a large 3d textured object and frozen on the table.

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    Since the program is being written in Unity 3D...

    Exported 3D files
    Unity can read .FBX, .dae (Collada), .3DS, .dxf and .obj files, FBX exporters can be found here and obj or Collada exporters can also be found for many applications
    Proprietary 3D application files
    Unity can also import, through conversion: Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema4D, Modo, Lightwave & Cheetah3D files, e.g. .MAX, .MB, .MA etc.

    I don't expect conversion since that is probably part of the development suite. So, I would put my money on FBX, DAE, 3DS, and OBJ files.

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    As I said it's still in development, but it's looking like it's going to be .obj. Don't be surprised if it changes though

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    Some modding and custom content questions

    Easy enough. It would be great when you get to it if you could release some example files so we get the scale of objects correct. Thanks for your hard work.

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