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Thread: Request: script access to player hand zone

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    Request: script access to player hand zone

    At least I haven't found a way to do it. Seems incredible that you can't just get the GUID of the player hand zone, retrieve the object reference and use getObjects() on it to find out what cards are in the player's hand. Right now we have to manually track everything coming and going, whether by dealing (easy), player discard (moderate) or players passing cards to one another (NOT easy). Hmmm - maybe a scripting zone the same size and same position as the player hand?

    Also be nice to have..
    enterPlayerHand(string player_color, Object card_object)
    exitPlayerHand(string player_color, Object card_object)'

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    Make a script zone on each hand. Edit the json file and name the zones like playerblue, etc. Then you can easy track in code.

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