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Thread: Custom Dice Tooltip value not always displaying correctly.

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    Custom Dice Tooltip value not always displaying correctly.

    Above is the link to some pictures I took with the problem. I used the Custom Dice D4's for my Mr. Game! Alt Setup, so that they would still have the tooltip/adding function. However when I was looking at the dice testing the sides since someone noticed the problem - I couldn't reproduce the problem until just now. I think it has something to do with the Camera angle when you do it, because I had the D4 out, on the board. I pressed the "2" key to change it to 2, and the tooltip WAS correct, but only as it was still touching the hand and hovering in the air as it switched/rotated. Once it hit the table though, for an unknown reason the tooltip was wrong and had a different number instead. In one instance the tooltip said 1 instead of 2. Next, I kept the die in it's spot, rotated the camera a bit, and then pressed "2" again to rotate the die to face the camera - and the number in the tooltip was different - it was 4 instead. I continued to do this, keeping the die in it's spot, rotating the camera, and pressing 2 to turn the die towards the camera, and went in a complete circle around the die, pressing 2 every time i changed the camera view, and checking the tooltip - sometimes it would be correct, depending on the angle of the camera, but other times it would be wrong.

    This is a problem since the Dice Adding function is affected by this, because it will use the value that the Tooltip has. And if the tooltip is wrong, then it's going to be adding up the dice wrong.

    EDIT: Got this to occur with the Custom D6, and D12 as well. Also thinking it is depending on the angle that the die is sitting at instead, since if you press the number to change the face of the die, and the tooltip appears wrong - if you don't move the die, but rotate the camera and then hover over it to look at the tooltip value again, it will still be wrong.
    Custom Dice Bug.jpg
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