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Thread: Replace one Laser pointer for a "ghost hand"

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    Replace one Laser pointer for a "ghost hand"

    First let me just get this out of the way....... boy is it cool to actually stand in front of a table you've made yourself makes you grin from ear to ear... Well played Team Berserk this is brave new world Territory were entering here.

    On to the suggestion.

    I'd like the option to turn either hand... or even both at the same time into semi transparent grabbing ghost hands something you can see through with a thumb finger pinch action you grab objects with and manipulate to some degree. the pointers are cool but I honestly don't think we need two of the same not all the time anyway.

    I'd like use to start with one pointer and one ghost hand as default with the option to switch either to the other at will.

    I think it would help when picking up smaller items that are some what obscured by the pointer at the moment.
    and just the sense of moving things with actual hand from my experience with other VR titles feels more naturalistic than the Standard Vive handset.

    I'll dig out some screen shots of similar hands in other games when I get a chance and add them to the post to better illustrate what I'm on about

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    I second this... it would be much more natural to have one of the controllers be a hand.

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    I find the current interaction implementation to be quite clever, since it largely deals with moving small objects in closer quarters - but I do find the off-hand could use more functionality, especially for cards.
    A hand for grabbing would be interesting, though I'd see that more as a toggle as I'd primarily use my dominate hand.

    Just a suggestion, two handed manipulation could be quite useful for speed when laying things out. The current touchpad method is great for precision, but there's probably a number of shortcuts that could be implemented using both controllers together.

    Pull controllers apart: grow
    Push controllers together: shrink
    Pull one back and push one forward: rotate
    Raise and Lower: rotate on different axis

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