So after 2 full rpg session i wanted to share some thought on things missing/not working or that could be improved. some of these might be known (or i might have not done things right) but i hope to somehow contribute keeping VR in TTS alive, because i really believe it has an edge on any other platform that is trying similar things.

BUG/Missing stuff

-notecard are still hard to use (no possibility to write on a specific line or push enter and start a new one
-the tools are quite limited. It is not possible to erase drawing and the vector tool didn't work.
-the tablet is not working and it would be awesome to add some custom background music during the session for example, or access and edit your own character sheet
-the search function doesn't work

-Revise how items are grabbed. This has HUGE potential and right now it is very hard to grab object properly. Items snap in weird ways ending up 40/50 cm away from your hand. The situation get worse if you make item smaller. i will make an example: i try to grab an axe as it comes out in one of the workshop mode. i resize myself and after a couple of attempts i manage to grab it in a way more or less convincing. If later on i make the axe smaller to fit the map size and i try to grab it, it is impossible to get it properly aligned. I don't know if this has to do with specific items but it seem to be very common.
-please make a floating menu on the controller at least for the items menu. Especially when shrinked down it is impossible to access the manipulation menu (roll, set value, size, lock unlock etc)
-allow to map some keys to specific controller buttons. Lock unlock, roll, change size etc. This would allow much more choice as of now the 2 controllers are redundant.

i hope this was somehow helpfull