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    Exclamation Frozen Cards

    Hi, I would like to report a bug that seems to occur when moving a card over a locked card that's on the table (this is just a guess). To reproduce the bug the way I discovered it is:
    -Download the 'Gloom' game from the workshop
    -Draw 5 cards from the middle with the technic: take first cards, then take the others with RMB
    -Try moving it towards the edge of the table, over the family cards that are already placed.

    What you should see: All the cards, except the first one, frozen in the air (See pic). They can't be interacted with any way, you have to reload the game (not TTS) to fix it.


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    There seems to be scripting zones over each of the 4 areas which is affecting this. You can let the modder know so he can update it in his Workshop, otherwise, you can click on the Zones tool on the left side, go to Scripting and just delete each zone. Then save the game and reload this in the future. Then it will work no problem.

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