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Thread: Vive Touch Controls Directions?

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    Vive Touch Controls Directions?

    Are there Vive touch control directions or tutorial somewhere that shows the basic functions and how to use them?

    Can you map keys to the controller? For instance games that require the Flick command. Can i map that to the touch controller somehow?

    Thanks for any direction or help.

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    Hey GameJunkie Welcome to the Community

    As it stands Its just an early Alpha build for the moment. so a lot of the games functions and tools aren't available as of yet. Mapping stuff to the controllers is currently not possible. But I'd imagine more of the standard game will start to filter into the VR version over the next few updates

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    Great that is good news. I recently moved and all my friends live across the country. The thought of being able to sit down with them and play a few board games is very exciting.

    I fooled around in Alt VR the other day and they are doing some pretty cool things to make the playability of board games in VR better. You guys might want to check it out if you haven't already.

    Keep up the good work.

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    In our latest update, we updated the tutorial depending on what you use to open it. So open it with the Vive and go through all the different controls. VR is in beta now, so there are still some more things we want to add/improve.

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