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Thread: Collision issue that wasn't there before...

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    Question Collision issue that wasn't there before...

    Hi, this will be my first thread, since I can't figure out this issue I'm having with a mod I've created past December.
    I've made a mod for the boardgame HOTEL, and when finished, I've made a movie showing the board and models.

    In this movie you can clearly see how the models used to not collide (floor extension vs building models)

    On 00:15 you can see the floor extension being pulled from the bag, and placed on the board (with rotated snap point).

    The floor extension is placed without even touching the buildings.

    When I checked into the mod today, after being away for some months, I've found that this is no longer possible ?

    What can I do to maintain this function?

    I've tried smaller collider meshes but that also didn't seem to work.

    I would love to be able to keep playing this game every once in a while through tabletop simulator, but would hate to let the 6K+ subscribers down due to this issue.

    Is there anyone that could help me ?
    Thanks in advance!
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    They changed the engine of the game not too long ago, and that meant for some reason that the collision mechanics got altered. Non-convex as well as the new compound collision (with several collision meshes in one file) only work when the model is locked. Try experimenting with that.

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    Hmm... I love "updates".....

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    The version of the Unity Engine this was originally built on is now no longer supported by Unity so the move to Unity5 Was rather inevitable I'm afraid,

    and this move is the reason the way collisions work has had to change.

    Unity5 only supports non-convex colliders in a locked state.

    Dynamic (moving) non-convex colliders are not supported by this short of creating there own physics engine there is a limited amount Berserk can do to mitigate the situation.

    On the bright side all of your current issues can be sorted by using the new Compound colliders that Unity5 Does support.

    Basically you will need to break your current troublesome colliders into smaller convex parts to remove any non convex issues that are giving you grief.

    If you can offer up one of the worst offenders I'll go over it with you to explain in more detail what needs to be done .

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not sure as how to build "compound colliders". Tried to read some about it. Since I'm dutch I'm finding difficulty understanding it all. Maybe in a while...

    For now I've resolved the problems, cutting the colliders in half, taking away large portions of the Original mesh, that will appear close to other objects. It's not a pretty solution, but for now it works, and it's suffice....

    I really do hope to be able to get things functioning the way it was before moving to Unity 5. I worked hard on my mod. But it appears, I'll need to learn me a few new tricks now .
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    No problem.... If you get the chance post up a single mesh and I'll put together a compound collider for you to examine at your leisure

    having something to look at will make it a lot easier for you to fathom out how compound colliders actually work.

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    I've sent you a link to one of the models through pb. Patiently awaiting your reply

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    Hey Markiebeer

    Have a look at this quick Vid to see how I've separated that mesh into several convex pieces. the material colours are just so you can see the separations and are not needed to make the collider work.

    Basically each piece is a separate object with its own origin point so when you export your compound collider, don't merge them together into a single mesh instead group select all the components and export the lot as a single Object group.

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    wow! Thanks for that most awesome reply. It's clearer now. Except for one thing if I may... How do you choose, which parts to be seperated, like... the red part is rather big. What made it that big, or what made you keep it that big. Is there a reason, or rule? At this moment I'm like... Ok I've made a shape, and randomly cut it to pieces to make it work ? I feel stupid for asking though I wish I knew the purpose...

    Thanks again.
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    Its all to do with the shape.

    What you need to do is ensure each part is Convex. As any Non-Convex parts are ignored by the physics engine for objects that are dynamic (that move)

    The cuts were some what arbitrary in that I just separated your object at convenient existing edges that turned the overall non-convex shape to convex.

    In simple terms (without any math), an object is convex if you choose any 2 points, and draw a line between the two points, the line is entirely within the object bounds. See the example below.

    hopefully that made sense
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    I totally get it. Everything is clear. Thanks very much for your time and efforts!

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    Gosh, this works splendid !! I'll be updating all the models this weekend. Can't thank you enough.

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    Considering the fantastic work you've done on this Mod, it would be a crime to not offer whatever small amount of help was necessary to see it up and running again.... its been a pleasure

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