Hello once again!

This might be more complex suggestion for today, though it might be a good doorway to a lot of possibilities:
Inspired by the Particle System in the multiverse platform 'Second Life', I would really love to see a Particle System in Tabletop Simulator as well - or in this case specifically, I would love to be able to have Objects project static particle images or text.

Basically what this would allow, is to have a floating image project above an object (Or in a specific direction from the object) that is effectively non-physical/non-collission, and will always be facing towards the viewer no matter the direction.
Tabletop Simulator does not have a particle system at all of course, but simply having the ability to project images or texts like this would allow for stuff like easy-identifiers, or even 'Buff/Status Reminder Icons' hovering over miniatures in their RPG games - to name a few.