Hi guys,

I own a physical copy of Black Plague for a week now and I love it! A lot of the rules that people don't like in the original Zombicide are solved better in Black Plague. Are there plans to release expansions and the fantasy version of Zombicide or are you still on a "let's wait for those sales numbers" stance?

By the way, I love that the zombies and heroes are all coloured, but it also makes it harder to differenciate between stuff. So if I would make the decisions (I know I don't) I would invest all that time it takes to paint all those models to just keep them one-coloured like the original game and bring out more expansions faster ;P)

Or let the player choose between the two (like retro games on the iPhone let you have the newer, cleaner, high-resolution look OR the old retro graphics). Maybe just include every zombie model coloured and in the original colour it has in the physical game (if you want to stick to colouring everything)