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Thread: Display player names, and/or color the seats in some way

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    Display player names, and/or color the seats in some way

    I joined a game of Superfight, and the first thing I noticed is that the player names aren't visible, so it's very hard to tell who is sitting where, especially if some people are not using avatars or have similar avatars. We had to resort to asking each player to use the vector drawing tool to mark their seat.

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    That's a little strange

    I just loaded up Superfight and the player names seem to be displaying O.K

    Was this the default load up or was the host using a saved game ?

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    In most games the hand is over the username, so as soon as cards are dealt you can't see the names anymore.

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    Maybe it's a glitch. I've had players report to me other weirdness regarding player names when I'm the host, like names appearing *over* their cards.

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    So just to be clear on what was happening in this particular situation...... Names were missing or just obscured by the cards ?

    If the cards were hiding the names and causing a problem then a second set of hand zones is needed to act as place holders for the player names.

    How to move the players names is explained in here.

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    @Lucky seven: The names definitely were completely missing, not merely obscured by cards, but it could just be a glitch.

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    This is a client bug that we have fixed for next patch.

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    I am now experiencing a similar bug when spectating a Wizard's Academy game. At far zoom levels, the names appear to z-fight with the table surface, at near zoom levels, they are not visible at all.

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