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    Hello there!

    I just find out that there is forums for this awesome game so I joined as soon as I could!
    I just love this game its so cheap and you can literally play anything you want to play

    Little bit about me!
    I'm 23 old male from Finland and I live with my wife. I have collected and played Warhammer fantasy and 40k last 10 years
    I also enjoy play other boardgames and videogames when I have free time!

    Feel free to add me in steam if you want to play !
    4. Remember that TTS is family friendly, so keep younger audiences in mind before chatting.

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    Hello Kdeff, Im also new and I want to play warhammer fantasy, I sent you request for "friendship" on steam, my name is lineaghost there, I found also a group in steam its called: TTSWarhammerFantasy

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    Welcome to the forums, the both of you! Hope you have a grand ol' time.

    Also, nice signature Kdeff.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums! I hope you will have countless hours of fun with TTS... No games there satisfy you? Create your own! Tabletop Simulator isn't just a platform for playing games... you can also MAKE them!
    Oh, by the way... Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen from Strike Witches as avatar I see!

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