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Thread: Hexmap Direction Question

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    Hexmap Direction Question

    I haven't used TTS too much, played a few card games so far. I've got a game (Cave Evil) that uses a hexmap and was really excited to see the option to snap objects to a hex grid. My problem is that TTS orients the grid vertically (flat side up) as opposed to horizontally (pointy side up). I'm using a game board that orients horizontally. I can't figure out a way to rotate either the grid or the table to make my board align with the grid so that snapping can occur properly. The board is part of the table so it cannot be rotated.

    Is there a way to make this work? Do I just have to find a way to play without the board if I want to use the grid?

    Here's an image of what I'm talking about: Capture.jpg

    The grid doesn't line up with my board because it's in a different orientation.

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    if you make the board an actual object, instead of as an image on the table, then you can just turn it to match.

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    I thought of that, but I do not have access to the assets. I may try recreating it if that is my only option.

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    just use whatever image you put on the table.

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    It's all part of the mod from the workshop, I did not create it. I attempted to remake it, but had trouble matching the scaling to the game pieces and the board does not fit properly when turned. I noticed a few people have requested the ability to rotate the orientation of the hex grid in the 'Suggestions' section - I think I'll just have to play gridless for now and hope that can be implemented.


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    if you open the workshop file with a text editor like Notepad, you can see the link to the image that the table uses, and then you can use that link yourself on a board object. then you can turn the board and scale the grid to fit.

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    Thanks for the tip, that worked pretty well!

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