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Thread: Suggestion: Floating menu idea

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    Suggestion: Floating menu idea

    Basically the idea is "Do it like tiltbrush", but I thought I'd throw in some visual aids as well.

    I think that making the offhand controller (left for me, right for you Flanderses out there) a menu controller makes sense. It would still be able to grab objects, but instead of having dedicated rotate, raise, and flip buttons, it's main purpose would be to hold the menu, chat, and contextual actions.

    An odd thing in TTS vs other VR games is the pointer is angled down, like you're holding a gun, instead of forwards, like a remote. The explanation makes sense; you're looking down at a table 60% of the time and you don't want to strain your wrists pointing down everywhere. Trouble is, the menu is on the far wall and frequently above you, so you're straining your wrists the other way. Putting the table above you makes little sense, so that leaves you with putting the menus below you.


    You could have the most common menus floating around the offhand controller. Swiping left or right would jump to the next menu and you could pick the item with your dominate hand, or maybe picking items by using the offhand touchpad as up/down/left/right/select. I think it would be easier to pick an item on the list with your other hand, but then you can't pick menu items if you're holding something with that hand, BUT maybe it's not a common scenario where you're holding something while needing something from the menu.


    Also, I would really like the chat box attached to the offhand controller. Chat's on the bottom so the table is frequently in the way so you have to look behind you.


    While I'm on the subject of chat... It's in the corner of the screen, so there are many times when you're tying to look at it but the game make the 'active' wall the one just left of where you're trying to look. I'm not sure the best solution for this. Duplicate the 'active' wall to the next nearest one? Go all in and implement it like the mock up above?

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    That is quite awesome! how did you add the floating menu on the controller? I think that if now we look at the VR improvements needed this has the highest priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dung3onlord View Post
    how did you add the floating menu on the controller?
    Photoshop. \_(ツ)_/

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    Quote Originally Posted by grant10k View Post
    Photoshop. \_(ツ)_/
    ok i hate you.... you made me believe

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