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Thread: Possible false Local files error?

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    Exclamation Possible false Local files error?

    I subscribed to this mod here, and hosted a server - and after all the files loaded, it spit out an error, saying : "Local files currently loaded. These will not work in multiplayer." and then lists about 200 or so files, probably all the files in the mod, hosted at a web address - it's not even a local file address. I had someone come in to the server, with an empty cache, and they were able to load all the files fine and see everything. So I don't think the error is true.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Subscribe to the above linked module.
    2. Start a Multiplayer server, and load the above module.
    3. After the files are loaded 100%, the error will be quickly produced in the chat box, and to see it all will require moving the scroll bar.

    The error does not occur if you load the module in Single Player.

    EDIT: Just for clarification, I was told about this error by someone in the Global Chat, and he noted that he was not getting this error with any other module, so I'm not sure if the error is the modules' fault or not.
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    Can confirm the repeatability of this.

    Followed the listed step and the outcome was the same as Described by the TheRaven81.

    Nothing particularly unusual about the mod other than perhaps the hosting location for the files.

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    Basically it's because he's supplying the URL link without the full url http stuff in the beginning which you normally get when copy and pasting the url. Trying to come up with a nice solution.

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    Fixed in today's hotfix, thanks!

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