Please correct me if I am wrong but currently each TTS license is tied to Steam ID which is then tied to a TTS player thus allowing each Steam ID to make only one connection to TTS.

This makes it somewhat difficult to test some multiplayer aspects of Workshops without asking others to help test. Although more progressed projects should be tested with others, for early development it is inconvenient to constantly get others to help you test (when it is likely to have many bugs).

However, I also understand the reason why it is undesirable to allow multiple connections to TTS using the same Steam ID because then multiple players could use the same Steam ID thereby avoiding the purchase of additional licenses.

Having said that, I also think that purchasing a whole second license (and making a whole new Steam account) just for testing is also not a good solution.

I would propose that TTS allow multiple connections from a single Steam ID as long as any additional connections from the same Steam ID (i.e. connections made using a Steam ID that is already connected) can only be made from the host machine.

This would very effectively limit the use of such multiple connections for testing purposes because the additional connections would have to be made using the same machine as the host meaning they can not be used by a second player to avoid buying a TTS license.

Yes, I realize that the TTS license is not all that expensive but the above solution would not only allow better multiplayer testing without having to buy it but it would also avoid having to have multiple Steam IDs.

Or is this not possible because the underlying Steam mechanism won't allow it even if TTS was willing to implement it?