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Thread: Hidden Areas - If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

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    Hidden Areas - If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

    For a long time there has been the old question of "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound"?

    Well I want to ask a similar question about TTS.

    As has been discussed in multiple posts, using the Tablet object to play sound effects (or other things) on the client computers is unpredictable because each client can download the source file at different rates and thus play them at different rates.

    So I was thinking, since TTS has a voice chat, what if one client played the audio and used the Voice Chat to broadcast it to the other players? It might need a bit of tweaking setting up the microphone and speaks (to avoid feedback) but it could work.

    That brings me to the question...if a tablet is placed in a hidden zone, will client that cannot see the contents of the hidden area still render it? Meaning is it still going to play but not be visible or does the client not bother rendering it?

    If only the tablet in the hidden area only plays on the clients which can see the hidden area then it would be possible to have only one client play the tablet contents and, hopefully, pipe it to the others using the voice chat. If, however, the tablet gets rendered on all client (even though it is in the hidden area) then this approach would not work.

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    The tablet in the hidden zone will still be rendered and will still be audible, though will simply no longer be visible to other players.

    If this were possible, the other player would hear (or rather, not hear) the audio coming back through the tablet first, then the audio through the other person's microphone as the audio on the microphone guy's end has to travel further.

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    Since tablets still render their audio even when hidden, the idea can't be used. The idea relied on having only once source playing the audio and using the push-to-talk chat to distribute it (the other clients would not have the push-to-talk active and thereby not feedback the audio to others). Well, I guess it is back to wishing for better audio support ;-)

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