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Thread: Color Tint does not apply to Custom Models properly when Copy/Pasting.

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    Exclamation Color Tint does not apply to Custom Models properly when Copy/Pasting.

    The above link is a Save File containing a set of models. Both are the same, but made different ways. The model is a pencil with a tintable body. The problem is that if you tint them, and then Copy/Paste them, then TTS will take the Color from the Color Tint, and apply it to the ENTIRE model, instead of like it was initially, and only applying it to the body, where it's made to be.

    In the beginning, I thought this might be a problem with the way I was making the model itself - using multiple Materials so that I could separate parts that were supposed to tint, and parts that were not. Since I've been told that the Color Tint system only uses the first Material in the list.

    So the Save File linked above has 2 pencil models, labeled "Pencil 1" and "Pencil 2".
    • Pencil 1 was made tintable by using 2 materials, and only assigning the faces for the body to the first material. the rest of the faces(in the tip) are assigned to the 2nd material.
    • Pencil 2 was made tintable by splitting the pencil into 2 different meshes, the body and the tip, and then exporting them as a single OBJ. The mesh for the body has a Material assigned to it, but the mesh for the tip has no material at all. So the entire OBJ for Pencil 2 only has 1 Material in it.

    However despite both of them being made different ways, they both have the same issue - if you color tint them and then copy and paste them, the entire model will be tinted.

    One thing I also found is that this only occurs if the Color Tint is a color besides White(or whatever color you get from the selector being in the center of the wheel). If you Color tint one of the pencils say, Red, then Copy/paste it, the copies will be tinted entirely. If you go back to the original source pencil that you tinted Red, tint it back to White, and then copy/paste it again - the copies will have no problem, and they all will color tint the same way that the source model does - only tinting the body.

    EDIT: After further testing I found that it only seemed that way since the normal coloring for the tip was at the white position. It still has a problem no matter what color it is. Another problem I found with this is that if you just copy one of the original pencils, paste it several times, THEN go to color tint the original, you'll tint the body of the original, but you'll also tint the entire model of ALL the copies AT ONCE. Even when they aren't selected by any means.
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    I've put together a Vid showing this happening to help illustrate the issue.

    The edge tintable tokens on the Right are made from the in game Tile creator. and don't suffer as badly from this issue but they're still effected, where modifying the tint on the original tints all the other copies even when there not actively selected.

    The edge tintable tokens on the Left are made from a custom mesh that has the exact same properties as the In game Tile so should behave in exactly the same manner but making copies or loading the original into an infinite bag causes the applied tint to extend to the whole model not just the first of the materials and it also suffers the same issue described for the Token on the Right

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    Let me just bump this thread as I'm experiencing the same problem.

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    Fixed in today's update v8.0, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Fixed in today's update v8.0, thanks!
    Problem still occurs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Hotfix v8.0.2

    Fixed custom model color tint applying to all sub models.
    Fixed sub-meshes in custom models being tinted incorrectly.
    Ok so it's ALMOST fixed, but not entirely yet. If you load up the save I have linked in my original post, if you tint the pencils, and make, say... 4 copies, the copies "look" OK. However there is still a link to the original model somehow. Because if you go to tint the original model again(the one you made copies from), then all of the copies that were made, will also tint.
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    I see what you mean is it really a problem still though, it's almost a feature at this point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knil View Post
    I see what you mean is it really a problem still though, it's almost a feature at this point
    I understand where you're coming from, kind of... I mean, I don't think anyone would be doing this process on purpose. But I can see someone coming upon it by accident(like I did) and going "wtf why did that happen?" And then yes, it would be a problem and someone would more than likely report it again. I wouldn't pass it off as a feature, because I don't think of it as one, and it's beyond me what use a "feature" such as this would have.

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