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Thread: Thoughts on a new way to define custom decks.

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    Thoughts on a new way to define custom decks.

    *Edited to fix some spacing issues in the xml & file list*
    I've been playing around with TableTop Simulator's custom decks lately and found its a pretty large pain to really customize the decks. Currently its all done with a simple atlas that TTS cuts up and lays the images on the cards. There is an app from another user that helps making build these atlases a lot easier, but I think a more robust way to define our decks would be very nice(if not essential).

    Just to brainstorm a little, what about letting Unity handle building the atlas out of individual images and an XML file to define the deck?
    An example(in no way complete):

    An Example Deck:
    File List:
    /my deck/
    /my deck/deck.xml
    /my deck/Images/
    /my deck/Images/back_image.png
    /my deck/Images/card_image1.png
    /my deck/Images/card_image2.png

    Deck XML:
    <Deck Id="My example deck" Height="100" Width="100" Shape="Hexagon" Interlocking="True">
    <Image Id="BackImage" Location="./Images/back_image.png" />
    <Image Id="AttackImage" Location="./Images/card_image1.png" />
    <Image Id="DefendImage" Location="./Images/card_image2.png" />
    <Card Id="Attack!" FrontImage="AttackImage" BackImage="BackImage">
    <OnFlip Action="(card)=>"/>
    <Card Id="Defend!" FrontImage="DefendImage" BackImage="BackImage"/>
    <OnCreate Action="(deck)=> deck.shuffle()"/>
    <OnEmpty Action="(deck) =>"/>

    I think something along these lines would make it much easier for tools to create the decks AND
    for the engine to have a way to create specific decks without all the waste. The benefits of having all this extra information in XML means the developer can extend the format as they go along to expose an API for rules or just extra data the engine might use. It would also make creating tools for creating decks more capable as well. Also there is no atlas creation being done by the user, so we just scan a list of cards in and just build a simple xml file. Maybe even just zip the whole thing and rename it with .TTSD or something so it can all be easily downloaded and organized.


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    Thoughts on a new way to define custom decks.

    I am for this idea. However, another program has already proved itself pretty good at managing decks like this. If anything, we should adapt or adopt the .o8c filetype.

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