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Thread: [v7.8.1] Saved cameras disappeared, can't save new cameras

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    [v7.8.1] Saved cameras disappeared, can't save new cameras

    With the last patch, I noticed the load camera feature changed from Alt+# to Shift+#.
    To my surprise, all my custom camera positions disappeared, and I noticed when I save a new camera position, it gets lost as soon as I change scenes (load a new game, disconnect/connect to server, etc.)

    TTS v7.8.1 on Windows 7
    <additional info upon request>

    Edit: I read the Changelog:
    Saved Camera Improvements
    Camera states now persist into save files and shared with everyone in the room.
    Camera states are now no longer globally saved.
    So, is there an option to make saved cameras global again? If I understand how this works, having them local for each save makes this feature useless for me*, since I have to re-save a camera position each time I enter a new server, or load a new game.

    *And hopefully other people as well.

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    What is the use case for global camera saves? Doesn't each game need unique camera positions anways?

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    Sorry for the long delay.

    On my case, I play poker on different servers, and I like to have a global position that'll work on every server. A preset position allows me to choose my favorite view position with easy access, without having to manually set it up every time.
    I think that works the same way for people who usually play a certain game/mod on several different servers.

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