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Thread: Putting GIFVs on to posts?

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    Putting GIFVs on to posts?

    It would be nice to be able to post Imgur GIFV videos on to posts, rather than having to link to them externally. I use a free program called ShareX which makes creating GIFVs of bugs etc. in TTS really easy.

    Let me know if this is already possible. Currently when I put the thing in [IMG] tags it does this:

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    Doesn't look like BBcode really supports GIFV's anywhere, without tweaking the code a bunch. Found this post which looks like some pretty simple changes could allow for the use of embedded WebMs (which are superior IMO).

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    While you can't link to the GIFV's, just remove the V and then your GIF will show up. That's what I do in my update posts in the Announcement section - you can see the Scythe gif here:!

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    Ohh, thanks Kimiko! That's handy.

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