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Thread: Suggestion: Add "VR Ghost" to UI visibility options

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    Suggestion: Add "VR Ghost" to UI visibility options

    From the perspective of someone who does not yet own a VR system but who sometimes plays with regular online buddies who do, I would welcome an option added to the UI tab options for visibility (alongside the toggles like "Chat", "Player Names", etc.) to toggle off the "ghost" of VR users when they are playing with me. It's damned cool, but in more complex tabletop games it can become rather distracting after a while, and I'd welcome the chance to switch it off.

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    Seconded. Or if not the ability to turn off the headset ghost (for reasons of avoiding room-scale cheating?), at least the ability to turn off the hand controller ghosts of other players when the user is not actively grabbing/manipulating something would be very nice, even if you're in VR mode yourself.

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    I'd like to set other VR players into ghost mode as well. Being opaque to other VR users can get in the way some times.

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