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Thread: Impact Gaming Community LF Board Gamers

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    Impact Gaming Community LF Board Gamers

    The Impact Gaming Community is looking for more like-minded adult (21+) gamers to join us in some Weekly Board Game Night fun. We play a wide variety of games such as Betrayal at House on the Hill, Cards Against Humanity, Dominion, Epic Spell Wars, Forbidden Desert, King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Pandemic, Pirate’s Cove, Scotland Yard, Mysterium, Arkham Horror and many, many more! We are also interested in learning new games. Experience in board games is not required. We are expanding in order to accommodate multiple tables/games so players can pick and choose their preferred game each week.


    * We currently play weekly on Saturdays at 3PM EDT and bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7:30 PM EDT.
    * Sessions last about 2 hours on average.
    * We communicate through Teamspeak 3 and we use Google Hangouts and our website’s forums to keep players up to date on weekly games and rules.
    * If you are interested in joining please apply here

    For more information about Impact Gaming Community please visit our website. We also have a steam group that anyone can join (but please apply first!)

    Thanks all!
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    Our group will return to playing regularly on Saturday January 7th at 3pm EDT. We're just on a little break for the holidays but I will respond to all interested players within 48h so send over the apps!

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    Just brought in a few good players for our Saturday games. Always looking for more so check us out!

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    Starting up recruitment once more! We now have a bi-weekly Thursday game available in addition to our weekly Saturday game. Come one, come all for the fun

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