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Thread: Sideways tag gets lost when combining decks

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    Sideways tag gets lost when combining decks

    This may not be a bug and may be more a limitation of the system, but I noticed that if you have a deck of cards with the 'sideways' tag, and they're put into a regular deck of cards, they lose the 'sideways' benefit in the ALT zoom. This means you have to keep rotating the card either manually in ALT zoom to read it properly.

    I'm guessing it's because the "sideways" tag belongs to the deck and not the actual card itself. I'm hoping this can be fixed as some games like Legendary Encounters: Firefly and Lords of Waterdeep combine sideways cards in their main decks.

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    If the mod creator imports the cards correctly, this should never be an issue.

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    I am the mod creator, I imported them correctly, but the moment the cards that are sideways are put into a deck that's of normal orientation the ALT zoom goes back to normal.

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