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Thread: Hex grid snapping doesn't respect offset values

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    Hex grid snapping doesn't respect offset values

    Adding an offset to an enabled hex grid changes grid's visual position, but seems to make snapping work according to a different hex grid.
    The snapping happens according to a hex grid that differs from the visual representation of the said hex grid.

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Enable hex grid, spawn an object with grid snapping enabled.
    2. Input a grid offset value (the bug is most noticeable with Z offset of 1).
    3. Move the object around. It will snap according to a different grid than the visual representation of it.

    Video demonstration:

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    That's odd because I had good success with the hex grid when working on my stuff. Does it happen if you change the grid size? That's one thing I did in all of my saves that you didn't in the video. Dunno if it'd help but it's a thought.

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