Hey guys, I'm Elemental.
I've been around for a while, but never really introduced myself.

I mainly play games as Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Tabletop Simulator.
I'm from the Netherlands and currently 25 years old.

Currently at 614 hours on Tabletop Simulator, most of which are working on my own games and playing Deckbuilder games and Magic: the Gathering.
I've worked on a few projects, the big ones being:
- CS:GO Case Opening Game
- Stargate SG-1 Deckbuilding Game
- Magic: the Gathering Deckbuilding Game
- Clash of the Dragons Collectible Card Game
Now, none of these are actually in the Workshop yet, mostly for lack of testing, but I hope to get around to that soon.

The projects I have uploaded to the workshop are Scripts:
(ALOT of Special Thanks to MrStump for helping me create these scripts)
- Draft/Booster pack Generator
- Line-up Refiller for DBG's
- Card Pool Values
(Allows you to assign values to individual cards in a deck and display or use them in any way you need)